January 2022

Kiki Finance

Why is finance so high paying

Financial Services gives High margins, total value, and low overhead. But financial needs people with high expertise. Further, the Fintech has changed the entire dimensions of finance. FinTech financial services is transforming the entire banking system from a branch-specific process to various digital channels such as online, social, and mobile. It also reduces the bank’s dependency …

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Decentraland is an incredibly unsafe speculation like most little altcoins. Its benefit potential is colossal, yet its conceivable disadvantage is as well. Assuming you had put resources into the token toward the start of 2021 at $0.08, you would have made a gigantic profit from your venture. Some have been asking why Decentraland has begun …

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Snow Crash

Snow Crash Metaverse

The metaverse term came for the first time in the novel Snow Crash of Neal Stephenson. Snow Crash is a satire of the cyberpunk genre and also on the future world. The world of metaverse has genesis in Snow Crash. Here humans are having their programmable avatars. They interact with each other in their virtual …

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