Book Marketing

Navigating the book-writing world can be tricky, if you are dreaming to make it a bestseller. It is not the lottery peep, in fact it is the most extreme elimination challenge to be the bestseller. Steering is where you are facing on this trickle belly road and one needs guidance at each step for that paper trail. It takes years, and sometimes decade to finally making a bestseller in any genre. We’re offering our experience both as authors and marketeers to help you succeed in your next book launch.

We will use our experience to launch a powerful marketing for your book on different social media platforms and forums to reach a large audience worldwide. As a digital marketer, we will promote and viral your kindle Ebook, Amazon, or Book on the social media platform. We are a team of content specialist, Authors, Social Media Marketing professionals, SEO experts and Traffic Generation Specialist, we will create buzz around your book and post your link in the Facebook group, LinkedIn group, and Twitter group in our Basic $1k services.

Further, for Premium/Platinum services, the team at Kiki Studio will coach you, mentor you and develop strategies, right from your Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Website, to funnels, Search Engine Optimisation, graphics designing on your social media platform, shoutout digitally, video trailer making, video interviews, author profile creation, arranging shelf space for your books in top Bookstores of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, other tier 1 or 2 cities, flea market selling of your books in Mumbai, sale arrangements with pre-loved book buzz creator bookishsanta etc.

We will work like Author Branding coach who helps authors to leverage the power of video marketing to brand themselves and authentically engage with readers. With this marketing strategy on mind, you don’t just market your book, but yourself as a whole, which indirectly helps you to position yourself as a powerful storyteller. We have a networked team of

Writing projects are expensive expedition and we know how to wipe out the red from your ledger. We will not only make out where you’re but also guide you for the best next steps to take and work on online support with verified reviews by each of our writers and hundreds of our networked freelancers on e-commerce site to give a big push to your online sales.


Basic $1k- Support in your marketing endeavor with online platform creation.
Premium Services-which include all aforesaid $ 5k (Best seller tag will be ensured on at least one of the platforms of Crossword/Amazon/A C Neilson book rank list)
Super Premium Services- $10k (Best seller tag will be ensured on two platforms- Crossword/Amazon/A C Neilson book rank list in respective genre
Platinum services- $ 25 K -Arrange display of your book on at least 3-4 international air terminal. Banner of your book in at least 10 top bookstores with other creative display which includes electronic display viz. videos, scrolls on top bookstore. Bookmark, posters, hoarding display of your choice in at least -4- metro cities/tier 2 cities. (Discussion is required to be made fully before ordering)