Developmental Editing

(What makes the grass grow)

What is the day after tomorrow? 

Are you struggling with point of view? Engaging in head hopping? These are just some of the problems that writers run into when they tackle the challenge of writing a novel.

Requiem for a dream to plug the gaps in storyline, perfection in sequencing, check for coherency and of course grammatical correction/proofreading. We work on unwritten book of the road.

We request you to provide us:-

  • Story theme.
  • Elements in your story like Character details and arch, twist, pace of the fiction.
  • Tropes and convention that readers are normally expecting, which can later bring good reviews for your genre fiction.

We will provide pragmatic advice to give strength to your story. We know it is very how incredibly unnerving to write a novel and we just get intimidated at the thought of putting it out there to be judged by the world, but trust we will put on battery to your story.

We are thoughtful, meticulous in our approach and will make sure that each word is the perfect fit in your story. A developmental edit isn’t about catching grammar and spelling mistakes. This is about developing your story. We are here to help you turn your okay or even decent story into one that grips your readers.

We will provide extensive feedback to improve structure and deep line edits to ensure consistency in tone, voice, and logical flow. From there, we can move on to copyediting to remove pesky grammar and punctuation errors.

Charges: $ 0.02 per word