Thanks to modern technology we can write your book regardless of your location. We firmly believe that the journalist’s sense of telling a compelling story in concise language is the key to writing a book that grabs the reader’s attention, whether the reader is a family member who gets Grandmother’s memoir as a stocking stuffer or a book buyer on Amazon scanning the first chapter as they consider buying your book.

We live in Mumbai, a city of about 24 million, which is probably not where you live. Most clients find that a telephone, Zoom or Skype interview works best. We will be glad to discuss the costs for a face-to-face interview.

We write biographies, how-to books, memoirs, and fiction. Our passion is helping people record their story, and for some people, a work of fiction or a more technical book is the story that they want to be written. We welcome all projects.

Charges: $ 0.06 per word