Goodreads Reviews

We are expert on book selling, design, social media, promotion, and all that jazz. We will not going to hold your hand and stroke your ego. I just fix your stuff and make it look great. We can make changes to your book’s description, to your author description, add photos, whatever you need including growth in your friendship network on Goodreads and handle various relevant groups, which can increase your book sales for all time to come. We can not change reviews, remove reviews, or leave reviews. However, if you have a new cover (We can create book cover too displayed with other services), updated blurb, want to add an audio edition of your book, combine editions, etc., we will be more than happy to do that for you.

Goodreads is a fabulous site and it has so many resources! We’ll help you with your book or author page maintenance so you can stick to writing.

Charges : $50 Basic
                 : $100 Premium
We will write book review on goodreads amazon and blog post . The book review will be excellent and good.

We can give advice on:

  • Covers and descriptions
  • How keywords and categories work
  • How and where to self-publish your book
  • Amazon Kindle and Paperback
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Websites and newsletters
  • Improving book sales
  • Anything else – just ask!

Finding all the answers to your questions can be difficult and time-consuming. Pick our brain and let us help you quickly and effectively. We can make a career out of book writing, which is known as low paid job