If you belong to any of the below profession

  • Entrepreneur
  • Musician
  • IIT/NEET/other
  • Stream Tutor
  • Coaching Classes
  • Artist
  • Author
  • Influencer
  • Coach
  • Trainer
  • Filmmaker
  • Celebrity
  • Blogger etc

We will provide you with 10-12 interview questions as a word file related to your profession, your journey in the profession. You will need to answer them and return them in word format. Upon receipt, we will post it on blog pages of Kiki Studio website along with:

  1. Picture of your instrument/book/performance/function/events
  2. Your briefBio provided by you
  3. Your photograph/instrument/workplace
  4. Link to e-commerce sites of your choice to push sales
  • With additional cost we will also like to work as branding coach who will help to leverage the power of video marketing to brand yourself and authentically engage with readers/audience.
  • We will also give it a shout out on our social media sites- viz Facebook/Instagram stories, various twitter handle of Kiki Studio and our team members, Linked In which has large connection in India.
  • We may further create space for you and connect with millions of views on Quora site with relatable blogs. (Premium Service with extra cost)


  1. Plain interview with set questionnaire @ $20 with free display on kikistudio.in webpage.
  2. Video Branding with set questionnaire @ $50 with free display on kikistudio.in webpage.
  3. Social Media shoutouts on three platform additional $100.
  4. Quora space with blogs @ $ 0.005 per word (shoutouts and views on Quora additional)