With we being in India, this helps international clients as we work while you sleep. We can usually turnaround work within a couple of hours or have it in your inbox when you wake.

We are a team, which consists of bloggers, who are bookworm and have read everything from romance through to technology journals. We love to take a piece of writing and give it that “refinement” – leaving the finished text clean, correct, and easy to read.

We have the eyes of a hawk and an insane mastery of the English language, grammar, and punctuation. We have a meticulous approach to detailed work with excellent interpersonal skills to build working relationships and contacts with potential clients.

Our preference is to work with MS Word documents and use the Track Changes feature so that you can see exactly what changes we’ve recommended.

Please do not hesitate to message us, if you have a special project.

Charges: $ 0.001 per word.