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Top 10 Bloggers of India in 2022

Listing top 10 bloggers in India in 2022 required thorough research of content quality.  Accordingly, we created list of top 10 bloggers in India in 2022. Information provided here list of top 10 bloggers of India in 2022 to follow in 2022 has been after a good investment of time on various sites.

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Do you realise that some bloggers earn millions of dollars per month? In truth, blogging can help you earn money online. However, keep in mind that these Indian bloggers are regular folks like you and me. Yes, they earn a substantial sum of money. They are not, however, superheroes.

Even if being a professional doctor or engineer takes several years and a lot of effort, they don’t make this much money!


 Amit Agrawal

Location: New Delhi, India.

Monthly Earning: $80,000 (Estimated)

Age: 40 years.


Income Channel: Adsense, Affiliate Income, Paid to advertise

Alexa Global rank: 8,717

Rank in India: 2,331

Amit Agrawal, Aged approx 40 years is an IIT graduate. He is one of the top most blogger of India. Previously, he was working with Goldman Sachs. His website makes approx $80,000 per month.  As per alexa traffic statistics his global rank is below 10k and India rank is 2331 in first week of March 2022.  Most of his traffic are from India, USA and Japan. He moreover fills in as an editorialist for the Wall Street Journal and is an idea to many. Being a trailblazer within side the Indian running a blog industry, he’s one of the zenith tech bloggers in India. A greater part of his weblog composing represents considerable authority in client programming program and cell applications. All in all, the month-to-month deals of is somewhat around $30000 to $60000 (sort of sixteen Lakhs). Its consistently deals is round crore rupees


Harsh Agarwal manages an award-winning blog known as “ShoutMeLoud” (Alexa global rank 7421, Alexa India rank 1,027) Most of his traffic are from India and USA. However, he has approx 5% traffic from Pakistan too. 68% of his traffic is from search as per Alexa.

He is an engineer by education and a blogger by profession. ShoutMeLoud was launched in Dec 2008 in a one-bedroom apartment in Delhi while working at a call centre at the same time. He earned his first $10 by helping a gentleman from Australia, and that’s where he discovered making money online is not a myth.


Blogger Name: Faisal Farooqui

Location: USA & India.

Monthly Earning: $50,000 (Estimated).

Age: Unknown.


Alexa Global rank: 9,202

Rank in India: 995

Metaverse was started in Mumbai, in the year 2000. It is India’s first user-generated content and review based website. According to India’s largest newspaper, The Times of India, still continues to be the leader in the user-generated content space in India.


Blogger Name: Shradha Sharma. She is basically from atna, Bihar. However, she works from Bangalore, India. Her monthly earning is more than $40,000 (Estimated). Her age is not know.

Approx 90% of her traffic comes from India and rest from USA and Pakistan. Some popular news site like, drive traffic to them.

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Alexa Global rank: 2,414

Rank in India: 255

Her top engagement article is about bihar girl who cycled 1200 km carrying injured father. This article has 1.35 lakh engagement as on date of writing this blog. Another article is about Vaccination in India.

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Blogger Name: Varun Krishnan

Traffic : India (73%), Nigeria (10.3%) Bangladesh (2.2%). Rest from other country. He is Chennai, India based and has a Monthly Earning: $20,000 (Estimated).


Alexa Global rank: 35,742

Rank in India: 4,119


Blogger Name: Ashish Sinha

Location: India.

Monthly Earning: $18,000 (Estimated).

Age: Unknown.


Alexa Global rank: 80,785

Rank in India: 9,406





Blogger Name: Arun Prabhudesai

Location: Pune, India.

Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated).

Age: Mid-40s


Alexa Global rank: 40,300

Rank in India: 2,989 is India’s leading business and tech news blog, which was launched on May 1st, 2007 by Arun Prabhudesai. Since then, more than 20,000 news articles, blogs, opinions and insights have been published on this portal, generating millions of views from all across the world.

They cover news and opinions on a wide array of subjects within the business and tech domain that includes (but not limited to) Govt policies, Stock Market, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Mobile ecosystem, Indian Railways, Smartphones, Gadgets, Innovation, Ideas and Leadership. 

Mohul Ghosh is the CEO of, managing day to day operations of the portal, and ensuring that our readers are able to consume the best content available online. We are supported by a team of writers, bloggers and opinion-makers who are spread all over India, writing and contributing to the success of



Blogger Name: Jaspal Singh

Location: Jaipur, India.

Monthly Earning: $8,000 (Estimated)

Age: Unknown


Alexa Global rank: 41,205

Rank in India: 11,418


Blogger Name: Amit Bhawani.

Location: Hyderabad, India.

Monthly Earning: $14,115 (June 2010).

Age: 40.


Alexa Global rank: 477,319

Rank in India: 56,831


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Blogger Name: Srinivas Tamada

Location: Telangana, India (Currently lives in the U.S.).

Monthly Earning: $20,000 (Estimated).

Age: Unknown.


Alexa Global rank: 76,046

Rank in India: 9,281