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Top 10 Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Financial blogs help you in a great way to take control of your financial life and for staying up to date on financial information and investment trends. These bloggers gives you tips on saving money, budgeting, and handling debt.

Kiki Finance

Save at least 20% of your pay. Note that reserve funds is troublesome because of wages stagnation, expansion, pay imbalance and increasing expenses of medical services and schooling. 


 Money Excel

Money Excel is an Indian website. It claims to offer best unbiased advice, reviews on financial products, investment options like stock market, mutual fund. 

You can also find business start up ideas, personal finance, investment, financial planning, insurance, real estate, stock market and other financial products that interest the bloggers most for making better financial decisions about their money.

Kiki Finance

MoneyExcel Blog is owned and maintained by Shitanshu Kapadia & Raviraj Parekh. Basic Idea behind Money Excel is to help people in achieving excellence for money.Data shows that even urban Indian consumers are less aware about financial products and importance of financial planning.

If you are seeking professional advice tailored to your situation –  there are  good certified financial professionals doing that but at Money Excel these bloggers just try to educate people.

There are no products for sale here, and Money Excel is not affiliated with any agents or brokers, so they can’t help you sell any insurance policies or mutual funds etc.

The purpose of this blog is to spread financial awareness and help people in achieving excellence for money. Please note that the views expressed on this Blog/Comments are clarifications meant for reference and guidance of the readers to explore further on the topics. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion.


Wallet Hacks

Jim Wang is the founder of Best Wallet Hacks, a personal finance blog, which he started in September 2015.

Wallet Hacks is a blog on how to manage your money better, and in less time. Blogs are categorised in Credit Card, Investment, Insurance, Loans and Banki

Jim studied Computer Science and Economics as an undergrad and followed that up with a Masters in Information Technology – Software Engineering. He then added a Masters in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University a few years later.

Jim thinks financial systems were built to enrich a select few on the backs of the many… but he’s also not a socialist. He thinks we all choose how to spend our 24 hours each day and some people are better at it because they’ve figured out the game. 

No products, no services—just information to help you become better with your money. Simplicity is elegant. Complexity is ugly (and slow)

wallet quality


Rich and Regular

Before he was a money nerd and long before he met Kiersten, Julien was a professional chef. Since food is the third largest expense most people have, they cooked at home a lot and and saved hundreds of dollars a month because of it.


Over the course of five years, Julien and Kiersten paid off $200,000 in debt, dramatically boosted their net worth, and learned a lifetime of lessons.

Today, their blog and Money on the Table video series inspire better conversations about money.


Four Pillars Freedom

Four Pillars Freedom is a financial blog that uses the fields of philosophy, psychology, work ethic, and personal finance to teach you how to live your best life.

Zach is under 30. He quit his job in 2019 when he started earning enough from his website. He is very passionate about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and data visualization. He created Four Pillar Freedom to document his journey to financial independence and to share his thoughts on how to live a rich life and earn a full-time living by running own profitable websites online and he teaches hundreds of students each month how to create their own profitable websites from scratch in the Income Community

website design

Websites offer one of the few ways to actually generate passive income outside of traditional investments like stocks and real estate. Once you have enough articles that appear on the front page of Google, you have a way of bringing in traffic and income over and over again in a completely passive manner.

corporate profit


Financial Samurai

Buffet Indicator

Financial Samurai delves deep into investing, real estate, retirement planning, career strategies, and more, so we can all achieve financial independence sooner, rather than later.

With an MBA from UC Berkeley and two decades working in the finance industry, the Financial Samurai will help you slice through money’s mysteries.


Afford Anything

                      -by Paula Pant

Life-changing advice in the title alone. You can afford anything… but not everything. What’s it gonna be? 

Afford Anything explores answers to two critical questions: How can we make smarter decisions about our money, time, and life? And how can we align our daily behaviors and habits with the lifestyle we value most?



Capital Mind 


Deepak Shenoy is the founder and CEO of Capital Mind. He is experienced stock market investor. Capitalmind Wealth is a fintech enabled, SEBI registered portfolio management service.  They use online goal based financial planning to tailor each users investments to match their needs. Their algorithms help them switch between debt and equity based on market conditions and the users preferences. Investment choices include a Long Term Portfolio, Momentum and the Market Portfolio.

Capitalmind is a Banglore based investment research and wealth management startup. Capitalmind Premium provides original research, opinions and strategies to understand, trade and invest in the Indian financial markets. Our tool SNAP provides analytics and charting solutions while our Slack community is a terrific resource for learning, engaging with people who have similar interests and idea generation.


 Chartered Club


Chartered Club is an online content platform started with the intention of simplifying various taxes which are levied in India.

It is an information sharing platform wherein their esteemed team of authors writes various articles with the purpose of educating the users about taxation system in India. Apart from gaining knowledge through our articles section, the users can also interact with CA’s through their Q&A Platform and ask queries their queries and consult a CA

The user interface of this website is extremely good. From solving the queries to getting latest updates, it is a one stop solution.


One Mint

kiki finance

Consumers aren’t as cavalier about buying a home if they don’t feel comfortable with the state of the economy. 

By looking at growth in vehicle sales, you’ll get a gauge of how consumers feel about economic conditions and their confidence in making big-ticket purchases. This is important because consumer feelings toward the state of the economy often dictate their spending and saving habits, which boil down to either revenue growth or declines for many businesses. 

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