The Arctic Fury - Book Review

The Arctic Fury

By - Greer Macallister

An all-women team trekking in the arctic. Loved the story. There are murder trail and court trials which kept me gripping to the fiction. This enthralling new novel, The Arctic Fury, has come to Amazon kindle edition in the month of December 2020. Author Greer Macallister takes her readers on a thrilling and arduous, journey to the Arctic north, alongside Virginia Reeve and her all female expedition in a quest to find the ships of a lost explorer. Through alternating glimpses into the voyage itself and the murder trial afterwards, the enterprise and its secrets — both are tantalizing and terrorizing  and reveal themselves in turn, sweeping readers along until they reach the story’s spell-binding conclusion. A captivating look at the manner in which the “truth” is formed by the lens through which it is perceived, a lens formed by time, place, and views on women.” 
“An unforgiving, snow-dazzling landscape, a cast of extraordinary, fierce women, and a nail-biting courtroom drama that wrecked my nails makes this historical gem unputdownable!” 
The Arctic Fury - Book Review​

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