The Midnight Library - Book Review

The Midnight Library

By - Matt Haig

We are not a plastic bag and carry tons of emotions. This book will knock the buzzard off the shit wagon full of creepy books.
The character of Nora Seed is amiably incandescent in this novel by Matt Haig. Young Nora is neither a chocolate chippy nor total hottie patrol, but a woman who is suffering from depression. She lost her job in a music store, her cat died and her personal relationships with her family are not the best, so she attempts suicide.
This is quite an inspiring, compassionate and empathetic novel where the Author creates the concept of the midnight library  
Anyway, the story moves with and Nora explores her life to be found in the spaces between life and death and ponder over the issues that afflict our world and finally end up in The Midnight Library where she chooses books that take her to different lives, parallel lives she may have lived. In these lives, she is many things. 
There is a Nora who became a rock star, another who has won Olympic medals, another living aboard an Arctic research vessel; some versions are mothers, wives etc. if she finds a good life, she can stay. 

This is a soul-lifting novel, and I enjoyed this story by learning what is important in life!  
The Midnight Library - Book Review

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