Turtles All The Way Down - Book Review

Turtles All The Way Down

By - John Green

 I’ve been having a bad run with YA lately. I’ve loved it for so long that I persevere on! I’m thankful for Green’s refusal to dumb anything down. I’m thankful for Green’s refusal to dumb anything down, He treats his teenagers like adults because they are adults!

I have a particular love for the ending. My dad and I agree that watching a good movie is more fun the second time. However,
I feel very strongly about the use of technology in YA. It frustrates me to no end when a teenager “leaves their phone at home” or “runs out of data” or “doesn’t think to text someone something time-sensitive.”

+ Aza was honestly amazing.
She is EXTREMELY quiet. She probably hardly ever talks and she’s very much locked in her own head. And I HATE that that’s a negative. Because be in your own head if you want, I say. I appreciated that she’s quiet and that she thinks a lot. She’s obviously extremely intelligent. 

I have an enthusiasm for this book. It’s a metaphor!! The title of the book being a metaphor is like perfect.

Book Review Turtles all the way

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