Best teachers of Inorganic Chemistry in Kota

Kota is known for its amazing teachers. Teachers here are so good that many of the teachers here are paid in lakhs, and most of these teachers themselves are IITians or have studied from some of the prestigious universities worldwide. They are such amazing teachers that they can teach you anything in this world, no matter how hard it is. I realized this when I met some of the great teachers and when I heard about the best inorganic chemistry teacher in whole Kota, Mr. Shishir Mittal.
It is said that Mittal sir can explain anything with full ease no matter how hard it is, and this is the reason he is regarded as the best teacher of Inorganic Chemistry in Kota.
There are many inorganic chemistry teachers in Kota, and believe me when I say that you would find more teachers here than in any other place in India. When I came to Kota, I knew that organic chemistry was my weak point as I hardly understood anything in it. The reactions were the strangest as we are required to remember all the stuff that doesn’t make any sense, and this was very hard for me.
So the first day I arrived in Kota, I knew I would be lagging in Inorganic Chemistry, and this subject would haunt me day and night. But as the classes started and I started giving attention in the class I came to know that this subject was really easy and you are only required to memorize some of the basic things and then with your intelligence you can move to another stuff. This made my whole journey in the Kota easy, and soon inorganic chemistry became one of my favorite subjects.
Once I was fortunate enough to attend one of the lectures by Mittal sir, and he was totally a superstar of the class then. He explained the topic so good examples that he and his explaining ways totally started me. On that day, I wasn’t required to memorize any of the stuff, or I wouldn’t revise the things done in class as everything was crystal clear to me. Indeed he is the best teacher of Inorganic Chemistry in Kota.

Many other teachers in Kota are really good with inorganic chemistry. I have heard that the teachers of Allen star batches are awesome too. Most of them are from prestigious IITs, and the teachers are Allen are more in numbers as compared to the teachers in Resonance, but as we go down the batches, the quality of teachers decreases. I don’t mean that the lower batches have bad teachers, but I only mean that the teachers in lower batches are much more inexperienced and have many things to learn.
Many of the inorganic teachers tend to teach us by making us visualize every proton or neutron present in the particle, which fascinates me because school teachers just used to cram up the things. In school, we were instructed that we have to cram all the things for chemistry, and this really irritated me. I didn’t understand what they taught us, which is why I usually didn’t score well enough to meet my expectations in my school test.
Inorganic chemistry, to me, was just a wonderland back then as I didn’t understand a word of it. I even hardly remembered the periodic table back then, and now the scene is totally opposite. I feel that the teachers who teach in school need to take classes from Kota’s teachers for teaching. This way, many students would not need the coaching for clearing JEE Mains, and most of them would pass by flying colors.
Although those teachers who teach inorganic chemistry by their heart are hard to find in schools, the scene is totally opposite here. I have seen teachers teaching with their full heart, and my teacher once even lost the count of time while teaching, and he extends the lecture for even thirty minutes. Although I was tired that day, I enjoyed his teaching.
This kind of passion towards the subject is required in schools, but I think this kind of passion is absent in most teachers because of their low pay. Honestly, I think the teachers should be paid more in India because more and more teachers would be inspired to opt for this job. Hence this will contribute to the number of talented teachers in India.  SO the first thing that private, as well as government schools, should do is increase the pay of those teachers. Then even a big engineer for a prestigious university would think of becoming a teacher and would hate this job.

I personally feel that teachers are unappreciated here, and we need to love this profession more. The teacher I had in school just wanted us to cram all the stuff mentioned in NCERT and the big bible books of chemistry. This really annoyed me because then what’s the meaning of teaching if everything is just cramming, and I got really frustrated due to this in school.
I once even tore my book in frustration as I scored really low marks in a test as I didn’t study from the guide.
The teachers here in Kota are really good at what they do. Once I was struggling with a topic, and when I went to the doubt session, I came to know that these sessions are amazing. The teacher explained each topic in full depth, and then I didn’t doubt that topic as everything became crystal clear to me.
Honestly, if anybody hates the inorganic chemistry out there and is in school, he or she must attend a class from the Kota teachers as this was that person would know how easy it is and how foolish he was to hate it.