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Best book for Inorganic Chemistry

Best book for Inorganic chemistry depends upon your choice among J D Lee, VJ sir’s book and VKJ Sir. All three are best books for Inorganic chemistry.   Remarkably, this subject has helped students score higher and rank better. These best book for Inorganic chemistry have enabled students to make their score better in IIT JEE and NEET. 

As on date Vishal Joshi sir is one of the best inorganic chemistry teachers in Kota, he is from Nucleus education, Kota.

  • Each chapter has questions partitioned in JEE mains , JEE advanced
  • There are also Previous year IIT problems and NCERT exemplar problems containing single correct objective, multi correct, comprehension type, assertion reasoning, matrix match, subjective and most important ‘Integer questions’
  • Best part of the book is Previous Question of Mains(All) nd Advanced(All) and NCERT Exemplar(All)
  • Book has more quality and quantity of problems.
  • Book by Vishal Joshi has divided mains and advanced type questions so that you can practice both pattern of questions.
Vishal Joshi Sir

V K Jaiswal Sir (VKJ Sir) is an MSc. from Lucknow University in Inorganic Chemistry as per his Linked In profile. He is with Vibrant Academy. His  book is the best book for problem solving of Inorganic chemistry for JEE Mains and Advance both. VKJ sir’s book overs all the topics of JEE in a decent manner. It contain a good set of problems which test your concepts & increase your interest in Inorganic Chemistry.

v k jaiswal sir
  • Each chapter has questions partitioned in level 1,level 2 and level 3 exercise.
  • Level 1 and level 2 have single objective type questions.
  • Level 3 has single type objective, multi correct, assertion reasoning, comprehension type, matrix match and subjective type questions.
  • VKJ sir ‘s book lacks integer type questions which have become extremely important in the present scenario.

Best book for Inorganic Chemistry

  1. J D Lee