How to become fashion designer in India

How to Become a Fashion Designer

There’s no doubt about it: the fashion tech space has exploded. How to become a fashion designer is a craving question for many after 12th. Fashion design  has about 595 billion google search results, seven dedicated meet up groups with thousands of attendees, a half dozen conferences, and a dedicated startup accelerator. We provide here simple tips for how to become a fashion designer? This space is big and expanding fast. But how to become a fashion designer? What is the salary of a fashion designer? Particularly what is salary of fashion designer in India?

“Fashion-Technology” or “Fashion-tech” connects & streamlines fashion, apparel and/or different aspects of the fashion industry to consumers and/or other fashion industry professionals by utilizing & implementing technology in order to make the user’s experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Here are aspects that all Fashion Tech companies have:

  1. Platform- an online website or mobile/tablet application
  2. Tools & Features- e-commerce, search capabilities, fit or design technology, etc
  3. Fashion- selling apparel, offering fashion related services, such as styling, or design, connecting or servicing different sectors of the fashion industry.
  4. Multiples- Multiple brands, stylists, designers, etc. One brand or stylist with a website targeting consumers is not considered a fashion-tech company.

How has technology changed fashion?

Salary of a fashion designer

Top employers are Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd., Myntra, Reliance Retail, Shoppers Stop, Raymond Ltd., Nykaa, Landmark Ltd, Trent Ltd. Approx 30 k upon joining. Very few among the entire batch can even get a package of 20+ to start with, they are hired by few large format online retailers.

But in Nift campus placements, the salary can go up to 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs or even more.

With 5+ years of work experience, it might be double again it all depends on how flexible you are and how smart you are in grabbing opportunities.

Brands like Max, Arvind Mills, Globus, etc., come to the campus at the end of the year and take deserving students with them. 

How to become fashion designer

In the most recent history, there hasn’t been a more significant impact on fashion than technology. Technology affects all aspects of fashion, whether that affects us, as consumers, or not. First of all, it effects the production of garments. From the conceptualizing, designing, and creating; these are all impacted by technology. Due to innovation, fashion is rapidly becoming more and more consumerist. Clothing is developed in mass consumption expectation: manufacturing facilities. No longer are mothers sitting at home, hand sewing that child’s dress, everything is made in large factories, often in third-world countries. Secondly, it affects the fashion merchandising: buying. Buyers and sellers are forced to work in rapid, high paced businesses that allow the garments to be distributed to the consumer as fast as possible. Technology has most obviously improved communication, and therefore, the buying of fashion has become a “first come, first serve” mentality. Lastly, technology affects the way we, as consumers, purchase the garments. Online shopping is becoming more and more common due to convenience in our fast paced lives.