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How to close SBI credit card?

Credit cards are an evil mode of financial help we take from a Bank. SBI credit card is no different. SBI has different types of credit cards that can interest a person as a shopper. Holding a credit card carries both benefits and temptations.  While credit cards are not preferred mode of finance but they add to your credit journey.

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Benefits of SBI credit cards

Cards are categorized under shopping, rewards, lifestyle, travel, fuel, etc. Shopping and rewards category for retail purchases of groceries, gift vouchers, mobile phones and several other accessories. Travel cards would let you be privileged with services such as airport lounge access, 24×7 concierge assistance, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in, discount on flight tickets, etc. Lifestyle cards would offer a combination of rewards, gift vouchers, lounge access, and much more. And, if you are driving frequently, you can take a fuel card to save on the refill cost. There are many other benefits.

1. You don’t need to seek someone’s help in arranging funds at short notice or emergencies. Credit card is handy in such situations.

2. Over a period based on your credible credit history, SBI credit card offers you affordable flexipay facility.

3. Mostly monthly statements are correct and fault free.

4. Your timely payments help you in the good books of CIBIL. A good rating by CIBIL helps you arrange long term loans at reasonably low interest by housing finance companies.

5. Your credit limit is enhaced over a period.

Keap watch on expenses 

Tracking your spending is often the first step in getting your finances in order. By understanding what you spend money on and how much you spend, you can see exactly where your cash is going and areas where you can cut back.

It’s easy to make this part of your everyday routine thanks to expense tracker apps that help you manage your money on the go.

Avoid late payment trap of Credit Card

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Saving money need not be just for a crisis. Many of us have dreams for a bright future- a master’s degree abroad, a first car, first home, kids, and eventually a happy retirement. But these all come with planning. By researching costs and mapping out a timeline, you will know much you need to save and invest so that you can plan.

Keep Emergency fund

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Emergency fund are needed for sudden  medical exigencies, car repair and unseen financial issues.

how to close SBI Credit card

You can close your Credit Card Account by writing to SBI or calling the SBI Card Helpline. However, many people have complained that communicating through phone with their helpline is next to impossible.

After placing your request for account closure, you are required to cut your credit card(s) diagonally. Your request will automatically lead to the termination of the add-on cards.

Termination will be effective after payment of all amounts outstanding on the card account

How to close SBI credit Card Online

you can close your SBI credit card online by sending an email to the official email ID of SBI through your net banking account. you need to log in to your internet banking account using your credentials and send a closure request for credit card closure. after sending the request for closure, you will receive a unique interaction ID on your registered mobile number. and, further, the bank will contact you to close your SBI credit card.

How to close SBI credit card offline

 has a toll-free number or a landline number that you can dial with the local STD code for credit card cancellation. after making a call to the customer care department, you need to provide the requisite information like your name, card number, contact details, and address. moreover, never provide your card’s CVV number or PIN if someone asks. after successfully initiating the cancellation request, the bank will contact you and provide the details of the cancellation.

Except for calling the bank’s customer care department, you can write a cancellation request letter to the bank and send the same to SBI Card, PO Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi 110001. mention your name, card number, address, and contact details in the cancellation letter. also, don’t mention confidential information like PIN or CVV in the letter. your card will be deactivated, once your account is closed. also, the bank will provide you a written confirmation regarding your credit card’s closure. a word of caution, cut the card diagonally till its closure and to prevent its misuse. 

Visit SBI bank branch to close your SBI credit card.

you can request a bank official at the nearest SBI bank branch to close your SBI credit card. make sure to carry all the necessary documents along with the SBI credit card that you want to close.