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How to Cut Video Streaming Subscription Costs to Nearly Zero without Missing Content?

As per surveys, households spent around Rs. 4000 per month on video streaming services in today’s date. However, the real solution is lying on how to cut video streaming subscription costs to nearly zero without missing content. Of course, there are ways for availing of video streaming services with full content and with nearly zero subscription costs. If you are looking for ways how to cut video streaming subscription costs to nearly zero without missing content, then this article is for you. Check out the tips below to know how to cut video streaming subscription costs to nearly zero without missing content.

Why Do We Spend So Much on Video Streaming?

The first question that arises is why people in India spend so much money and time on video streaming services? When the government declared lockdown due to Covid-19, people started to spend more time watching live video streaming content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, Eros Now, Sony Liv, Hungama, and so on. Even the movies started to release directly on these platforms as the cinema theatres were closed.

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 From the point of lockdown, people developed the habit of spending maximum time and money on video streaming services. Therefore, the demand for video streaming services is rising tremendously. As per the latest research, it has been found that an average Indian spends around 5 hours a day on a single content on video streaming platforms and about 12 times a week. In addition, they access more than one platform at the same time to enjoy their favorite movies and content on larger screens. Also, it has been found that around 92% prefer Netflix and almost 96% love to watch on Eros Now, and 89% on Hotstar. Only 30% of the Indian viewers are preferring to watch movies on OTT platforms. 


Due to the rise in demand for video streaming services, Hotstar reserved Rs. 120 crore in the early stage of 2018 to release special shows in seven distinct languages to hit the Indian market whereas Eros Now is now also making huge investments to take their platform to the next level. Moreover, Zee5 aims to create 72 new original content in six different languages. People like to prefer these platforms as they make fresh and original content. About 87% of the people are subscribing to these platforms by installing their applications and expecting content quality. Furthermore, there are about only 30% of the people choose to watch content in languages other than Hindi and English. Most significantly, content consumption is mostly preferred in the native languages all over the country. In fact, South Indians were found to be the most dedicated and loyal to their native language. Above all, almost 87% of the Indians watch content on their mobile phones during traditional office hours. 

how Can You Reduce Your Video Streaming Costs to Nearly Zero with Full Content?

If you want to know how to cut your video streaming costs to nearly zero, you can read out this section. If you are looking to cut down your video streaming costs to nearly zero with full content, you can choose to go with the Netflix video streaming platform which has decided to increase its subscriber numbers by reducing the subscription prices. The rest of the video streaming platforms are also looking to add benefits for the convenience of the customers. Firstly, let us check out the new subscription rates for Netflix right below that allow you to enjoy full content at reasonable rates:

  • Netflix has cut down the subscription rate for the mobile-only plan from Rs 199 to Rs 149. This offer helps the users to access Netflix full content only on their mobiles and tablets with a low video resolution of 480p.
  • Moreover, the basic plan of Netflix has been cut down from Rs 499 to Rs 199 which is again very affordable. In this offer, you can watch a video with the resolution of 480p on TV, computers, and mobile devices as well.
  • On the other hand, the cost of the standard plan of Netflix was Rs 649 per month earlier but it has now been reduced to Rs. 499 per month. This plan lets the users enjoy full content on all devices with a 1080p video resolution. 
  • In addition, standard plan subscribers are allowed to watch content on two distinct devices at a time but it is not applicable for mobile-only and basic plan subscribers. 
  • Lastly, Netflix has a top-end premium plan of Rs 649 per month which was Rs 799 per month initially. This plan enables the users to enjoy the content of 4K+HDR resolution on four distinct devices at a time. 

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Comparison of Netflix with Other Video Streaming Platforms

Netflix is the topmost option if you want to be a subscriber of live video streaming services at cost-effective prices. But, then too, you can check out the others below:

Amazon Prime Video: On the other side, Amazon Prime Video is boosting the subscription rates in India. In fact, Amazon Prime Video has increased Rs 500 more to the annual package of Rs 1,499. When it comes to the monthly package of Amazon Prime Video, the subscription cost is Rs 179 which was Rs 129 earlier whereas the quarterly plan cost Rs 459 which was Rs 329 earlier. But, the subscribers of Amazon Prime Video can avail the shopping benefits and get access to its music streaming platform too. 

Disney+Hotstar: Disney+Hotstar has also come up with new subscription packages which are cheaper at Rs 499 per year that let the users watch only on mobiles with limited quality. Moreover, it even offers other two plans of Rs 899 and Rs 1,499 per year in which users can have higher quality video consumption on more than one device. 

Zee5: Zee5 includes two different premium plans which are a 3-month plan of Rs 299 that is compatible with two screens and a 12-month plan that is compatible with three screens. 

Sony Liv: This video streaming platform offers a lot of plans in India according to the duration and content you would like to watch. There is a special plan of Rs 399 that just costs Rs 199 with the ‘With Ads’ version. In addition, its WWE Network package is available at Rs 299 for 12 months. Above all, the Liv Premium package is accessible at the cost of Rs 299 for 1 month, Rs 699 for 6 months, and Rs 999 for 12 months.

AltBalaji: It includes three different subscription packages of Rs 300 for 12 months, Rs 199 for 6 months, and Rs 100 for 2 months.

Voot Select: In this platform, you can avail of a single plan of Rs 299 for 12 months including all premium content on the app.

From the above-given video streaming services, you can select your convenient one if you want to reduce the video streaming subscription costs to nearly zero. Netflix is the most effective option as it has reduced the cost of its packages with a provision to view the full content on one or more than one devices at a time.

How to Cut Your Video Streaming Bills to Zero?

What if you want to consume video streaming services at no cost? There is a way for that too which you can explore ahead. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of video streaming platforms has increased as cinema theatres are closed. But, it is equally true that everyone cannot afford to spend money on various subscriptions. However, people who cannot afford can enjoy video streaming services at no cost for a while. Let’s check out how? 

  • At present, Netflix does not offer free trial plans
  • The good news is that Amazon Prime Video provides you with a free trial of 30 days which you can activate by clicking the ‘FreeTime Unlimited’ under ‘Member and Subscriptions’. However, do not forget to unsubscribe after 30 days or else it will deduct the cost from your account. 
  • Disney+Hotstar does not offer a direct free trial of 30 days. However, it allows you to watch a few contents for free in between different advertisements. Of course, you have to subscribe to a plan of Rs 299 per month or Rs 1,499 per year to avail of this benefit. 
  • Also, Zee5 does not have a 30-day free trial subscription at present. But, you can watch the non-premium content for free on the Zee5 application or website. Again, to get this benefit, you have to subscribe to a plan that ranges from Rs 99 for a month to Rs 999 per year. 

Final Thought

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In today’s era, people are trying to make multiple video streaming services a huge part of their life. If you cannot avoid such entertainment in your life, you can switch to the above-mentioned video streaming services with the package that suits you. These video streaming platforms would definitely help you to fulfill your entertainment-related needs at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some fun and explore your world with the right video streaming services!