Is There Any Specific Way To Write Answers In CBSE Class 12th Board Exam?


CBSE 12th exam holds a lot of importance in the life of a student. The marks that you get in this exam help you get admission in the entrance examination. The key to getting good marks is to write questions in an effective manner. No matter how much you prepare, you would not obtain the desired outcome in the absence of it. All your hard work will go in vain. Sometimes, it is due to the anxiety and nervousness that causes a student to forget what he has prepared. This article will teach you the right way to write answers in the CBSE 12th Board exam.

Make The Productive Use Of Extra Fifteen Minutes

Students are given 15 minutes to read the question paper before they can start writing their exams. It is essential to use this time to properly read the questions and do mental preparation of how you will solve the paper. Students need to use these fifteen minutes to form a precise strategy to write an exam correctly and smoothly.

Form An Effective Strategy

It is not mandatory to attempt questions as listed in the paper. You should start off with the ones that you know correctly and are confident of. It will assist you in getting confident. Once those questions are attempted, you can use the spare time to attempt those questions about which you know only a little.

Write Apt Answers

Students have a fixed amount of time to complete the entire paper. This makes it necessary to be specific when writing answers to the question. Do not focus on one question so much that you are not left with sufficient time to write the other questions. Limiting your answers to the requirement is the key.

Use words based on the marks assigned to that question. Don’t simply write to expand the answer. In place of filling words or repeated words, draft your answers by inserting the correct keywords in them. Focus on using the right words to enhance the quality of the answer. This strategy will yield you more marks in less time and effort.

 Make Wise Selection

You may have internal choices in the exam paper. Students need to decide the right ones based on their instincts. Do not make any decision in haste. Find which questions whose answers you are confident of. Read the questions two times and form a mental image in mind. Consider the time and effort also needed when making the solution. Create a mental picture of what you will be writing in each case. It will help remove any confusion when making a choice and help you make the right decision.

Do Spend Time Decorating The Answer Sheet

It has been seen that a lot of students bring colourful pens to underline key words or to draw a line after every answer. Decorating your answer will not get you extra works. So, students are advised to aim to complete the paper before doing any such things. It is okay to do after you are done writing the exam and still have some time left for the exam to get over.

Attempt All The Questions

As there is no deduction in marks for wrong answers, students should strive to complete the full paper. When in a confused state of mind, do not leave the answers unattempt. Do the guesswork and attempt it. You will not lose even if you entered the wrong answer. However, there is always a hope that your smart guesswork can go in your favour and get your marks.

Do Not Write Short Forms

Many students have the habit of writing short forms of words to save time such as using don’t in a place of do not, won’t for would not, can’t for can not, etc. Use simple and easily understandable words for the explanation of the answer.

 Make Your Answers Readable

  • Make your answers easily readable and comprehensible. Space them out by inserting proper spaces in between.
  • To enhance the content’s readability, it is a good practice to supplement your answers with diagrams, bars, charts, graphs, etc.
  • It is beneficial to highlight the keywords using a blue pen/pencil.
  • Another technique that helps the examiner to grasp the information is to write in points and bullets. Cut long paras into short ones.
  • Aim at keeping the answer sheet neat and clean. It will help the examiner to decipher the answers quickly. Avoid overwriting. To a maximum extent, make sure there are many cuttings in the paper.

The above techniques will lend a good impression on the examiner.

Space Out Your Answers

Always draw margins after ending an answer. Keep a good amount of space (a minimum of two lines) between two answers. If you have only four to five lines left after ending the answer, then leave that page. Start your answer from the next page.

Leave space between words in a sentence. Do not try to fit as many words in the same line. Do not bunch sentences together. It will make the script messy. Such mistakes can reduce your score and grade in the paper.

Examiners often find problems reading overlapped words. It is good practice to use short and simple sentences.

Always Revise Your Answer Sheet

Once you have attempted the paper, you should check your answer sheet. Properly revise every word that you have written. It will help in the prevention of any silly mistakes, missing attempting questions, etc. All these things can save you from losing marks due to rush or carelessness.


CBSE 12th board exam is a very important exam in the academics and career of the student. These are some of the simple and important tips that when implemented, judiciously will help you obtain the optimum marks in the exam. Not just this exam, these techniques will help you score well in any exam. Prepare well, and don’t worry. Best of Luck.