My friends at Allen

Whether you are in college or in a school, one thing that is common in both places is friends. This is the case with the Kota too. You would meet a lot of people here, and you would meet every kind of people here. This is the reason it is so easy to make friends in Kota. You would see people roaming in a group of friends, and you would also see people holding hands. The Kota friends are the only way of having a worry-free day as without them, you would die one day in the tension built in due to the study pressure.

When I first came to Kota, I was a hell of nervous as I was new here, and I didn’t understand what to do. I was really worried, and the thought of being alone here without my mother and father really worried me, so when I arrived at Kota, I was shivering due to fear. I was very timid and shy back then, but the thing is that little did I know that I was about to meet some of the best people in my life.

So when I arrived at my hostel and I saw my flatmates. I was shy and very nervous when it came to talking to them, and I think they were too as I was really new. Soon, we became very good friends and the first thing they asked me was, “Which coaching?” I replied with the answer Resonance, and in turn, I asked about their coaching, to which they replied with Allen. I was pretty amused with this because in that area finding the students of Resonance was quite rear in this area. Soon, we became really good friends, and this friendship began with the classic and fun Allen vs. Resonance fight.

As I was from Resonance, I had to defend it, and as they were from Allen, they had to defend it. But the common thing was the goal for which we all came here. We kind of developed a sisterhood bond, which was really difficult to forget about it. We once even planned to attend each other’s classes by going as an imposter in the respective institutes. Although we didn’t have enough courage to do so, it was a fun plan to be executed.

We never acted on the plan because we didn’t have enough courage. But the thing is it was very much fun to have friends from Allen as we used to compare our teachers, our notes and sometimes even the topper of the class. This made us a wholesome family in Kota, and this family even celebrated each other’s birthdays in grand styles.

We loved each other, and we used to roam around Kota most of the time with each other. We also bitch about other mean girls and stalk some of the hot guys in Kota. We always made fun of each other, and we even passed lines on each other’s boyfriends.

We even used to make each other dram about future weddings, and those were the sisters to me from another mother.

We were really cool and weird in our room. We didn’t just have fun as we studied together too. One of my roommates was so studious that she used to solve the questions from Resonance and Allen, although she was from Allen. I remember how half of the hostel used to ask most of the doubts from her. One of our sisterhood’s most memorable moments was when we used to go out and eat Panipuri. We ate a lot of pani puri when we lived together. The reason behind this was the

cheap pani puri that was available in Kota. We also used to go to different restaurants to treat ourselves and escape from our hostel’s non-edible food. We loved the pizza from Domino’s, and we used to order it often. After which, we all fell sleepy, and in no time, we used to sleep.

We also used to go to many tourist places here without our boyfriends, and one of them was the famous seven wonders. This was a really memorable place, and we used to spend a lot of time there. I remember we even played some games there without any worry about the future. Sometimes some of the girls even bunked classes to go there.

We also used to go cycling by borrowing the cycles from our fellow hostel mates, and we loved going on long trips. This was our escape from the long study hours that we had. As the tea in our hostel wasn’t that good, we went outside to drink tea too. This used to be our daily routine, and we loved it. Little did we know we were missing many things in our study back then.

I also remember how we used to make fun of our teachers; we would gather around and show teachers’ pictures. It didn’t matter if the teacher was from Allen or Resonance; it was just a fun time for us back then. We used to sleep on a day like this, and if it weren’t with these girls, I would have been a total mess in Kota.

I think the friends from Allen in Kota were some of the best friends I ever made, and I remember how they helped me overcome most of the difficulties in Kota. They used to help me with doubts, and they also helped in clearing many of my topics.

I would like to keep them for life as those girls were undoubtedly one of the best friends I ever got, and I think it would have been impossible for me to spend the days in Kota without them. We used to care about each other very much and tease each other too.