Solving H C Verma: must for IIT JEE preparation

As soon as I started dreaming of becoming an engineer and started planning to go into one of the prestigious IITs, I continually heard the HC Verma. This name used to worry me a lot as many told me that this book was really difficult. So when I reached Kota, the first book that I got was HC Verma.

After buying this, I thought it to be really huge as it had two editions, and I thought this would be tough. But the fact is soon; I realized that this book wasn’t that tough. I also realized the depth of questions and concepts that this book offered. The book is so much depth that the Resonance often missed some concepts, but this book didn’t, and everything was illustrated in detail.

When I first purchased it, I was kind of confused because it comes in two modules. Later, I realized that each of them is based on different classes, which showed us how many questions this book contained.

The fact that this book is written by one of the most esteemed IIT professors makes it really a worth buying book. We also get to see that this book is really well written, and its pages are also good compared to other physics books.

It is said that the students who have thoroughly solved the HC Verma have for sure scored well in the physics section, and I believe this. Because in each question of this book, the concept of a student is tested thoroughly. You also get to solve the fascinating question, which is hardly found in any other book and in any of the DP and sheets are given by Resonance. This also means that the chances of you clearing the IIT JEE increases very much, and you get ahead of your competition.

The thing is, I realized this fact very late, and hence I wasn’t able to solve most of the questions in time. I saw how other kids used to solve many questions in this book, and most of them used to score really well in the class tests.

One of my friends used to solve HC Verma before solving the DPs and sheets, and later, she claimed that the DPs and sheets were too easy. This was obviously flaunting too much, but we all had to agree with her that these questions weren’t much tough in front of HC Verma.

Each question of HC Verma tests your base in every topic and every fact, so you need to be thorough with the topics; else, you will simple dangle with the questions. In fact, many of the teachers of ours used to help us with these questions happily as they liked us giving a try to these questions.

Most of the teachers even recommended buying the HC Verma on the first day as we arrived in Kota. This was a huge startle for me back then.

The fun fact is that we used to solve the questions of HC Verma in a group, and in this way, we used to have fun interactions with each other. This took us more time to solve those questions than it would have taken if we solved those questions individually.

But Nevermind as that was the time spent well and that time is gone. The fact is that whether it was with the flatmates or with my boyfriend, we enjoyed solving those questions. This gave us a lot of laughs and gave me a lot of memories that I still cherish.

One of the chapters that most of the books and even NCERT miss is Relativity. The interesting thing is that a book like HC Verma has a dedicated chapter on this, and this chapter is for the people interested in this fascinating concept. Although no one needs to solve its exercise, you can also be fascinated by physics and its laws. This chapter is also in-depth like other chapters, and this really amuses me like no one, including NCERT, has done this.

I think the coaching institutes should automatically issue a copy of HC Verma for every student. They should encourage more and more students to solve it because this way, students’ minds will evolve to a much greater extent. This is will automatically increase the chances of students to get into prestigious colleges. This way, many students won’t get depressed.

There is also a book available that contains the solutions to the HC Verma questions, but we should refrain from that. Buying that book will do nothing but only cause urgency or tempt you to look for the solutions in it instead of solving them. These books aren’t from the official authors, and many of the solutions written in them can be wrong, so no one should ever try to see the solutions in them.

I personally have felt the drawback of these books as I marked a question wrong in one of the tests which are conducted in Resonance, and due to this, I wasn’t able to score well. That question was picked from HC Verma, and I remembered the solution mentioned in one of the solution books.

So my advice is to refrain from it.

HC Verma is one of the pillars for preparing JEE level physics, and every child who dreams of going into IIT should solve this book. This will prepare you for the tough questions, and you would be able to solve all the questions much easier. These questions were also helpful to me in building my good base for physics, and I was able to discuss more genuine and intelligent doubts with my teachers and other students.