Why do many girls want boyfriends in Kota?

I was in Kota back in 2015 to prepare for IIT JEE entrance exams. I was in 11th standard. The experience residing in Kota for two years was more than study and fun. I will pin down my real experience I had with content to fun, friends and love stories I had in Kota.

Yes, Kota is a hub for studying in Rajasthan and all over India. But it is also true that several love stories blossoms here. They might be carried forward, but most of them don’t. Even I had my share of crush and saw several of my friend’s love connections that ended right there.

Every year more than 2 lac students join IIT JEE coaching classes in Kota and almost half of the crowd is girls. Definitely, dating is the next big thing in Kota after studies. But it also depends on the person whether they want to focus more on on their career or want to have fun? This priority is to be decided by them only.

When any student come to Kota for studies they are either entering in their higher secondary, i.e. 11th class or at the max are college dropper. So the age ranges from 15 years to 20 years. This teenage age is highly vulnerable one. The energy levels are at their peak. So when you are away from your home, you tend to have a sense of Freedom. This happened to me, as well. I was free to do whatever I wanted to. Eat food outside anytime anywhere, hang around casually, study or sleep and go catch up movies. But I made sure I prioritize my studies first and then have recreational time as well.

But a certain set of students are not meant for studies. They are not very intelligent, and does not think studying is their priority. So they indulge in fun activities. Attraction and having a crush is very common, and when you hang around with them, this turns into a dating thing and you kind of like that person. Thus, it is but natural to have boyfriends.

Also, girls want boyfriends to help them whenever they need anything, right from bunking classes to hanging around in the streets of Kota, watching movies or shopping at Kota City mall or a romantic hideout at Chambel gardens. All sorts of girls would have boyfriends. The one who is not so beautiful to model type girls, intelligent to dumb, every girl is mostly hitched to a guy. Girls like to feel special always, and if someone is there to make them feel so, they are more than happy.

Girls usually can’t sit in a room to study day and night. They seek out for a time when they can hang out and have some fun. There are places where you can find many love birds in Kota and non officially we had declared them as lovers point. Such places includes the Chambel garden, Chambel river dam, Seven wonders etc. 

Girls also want someone to spend time and money on them. The relationship may not be their end goal, but they do date. With pretty girls luring any boy, which boy would not want to be their boyfriend? Even I was proposed a couple of times, but I chose to study over dating. My parents spent so much for my studies, and I did not wanted to waste it and ruin their expectations.

So girls, even though you want someone in your life to be called as boyfriend while you are in Kota, think twice as your parents back home are wanting you to study hard, get a rank and enrol in a good college.

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