Why I love Resonance formula book most

One of the most worrying times in Kota was when the exams or tests in Resonance were about to happen. I used to really worry in those times as I hadn’t done much preparation, and most of the time, I only studied two or three days prior, due to which I wasn’t able to score much. Later, I got really tensed and removed that tension; I need to engage in some fun tasks, which is how my whole week went.

I remember how I used to cram all those formulae in a hurry so that I would be able to score minimum, and I remember how nasty it would be. I had to open the notes as well as different books and different DPs and sheets. My whole room looked bad, and my mood also go bad. Most of the students in Resonance experienced this problem, and most of them wanted a solution for it.

The solution came at the end as the Resonance distributed their formula book at the end of the course, which contained all the necessary formulae. This book had all the formulae of both the 11th and 12th standard. We just had to locate them. This made my task of learning all the formulae so easily that I would easily learn all the formulae before any major test or exam.

This formula booklet also helped me in the board exams as there we just had to solve the questions using these formulas. This all became so easy.

For me, the favorite resonance book out of all was this small booklet as it was easy to carry, and I could start revising anywhere I wanted. I remember that I even crammed down the page number where the important formulae resided, and in this way, I didn’t have any time to waste when it came to revising. Later, all I had to do was just to confirm those formulate from that small booklet. Everything became so convenient.

Although I had a formulae book from Allen earlier, it became so easier for me to give tests when the one from Resonance arrived as it was based on our curriculum. The formula book was so useful that I started bringing it to our dates when the competitive exams were near. However, he was not happy with all this as the formula book bagged a lot of attention of mine.

It is really hard for anyone to go through all those DPs and sheets before an exam and the reason behind this is that those books are really lengthy. You need to search for each formula there, and you also need to memorize the page where you read that formula. Many times the whole night used to went by this, and I still had to learn many things. I became totally devastated and used to score low in the exams. The reason is that there are some of the questions where the formula is used purely, and you just need to put the values in that formula in it if you wanted to score well.

I wasn’t able to solve that question due to this fact and became really sad, but I started scoring really well with the advent of these formula books. The fun fact was that there was a book given for each subject, and hence in the case of Chemistry, I would cram most of the reactions, and when I would see those reactions in the exam, I knew what I had to do.

This made learning so easy, and I really enjoyed learning things.

I think the resonance teachers should have distributed this book of God initially so that dumb students like us could easily grasp different topics. I knew they didn’t distribute these books initially as this would have made us totally dependent on them, and we would ignore the instructions given to us by the teachers.

This would have made most of the students lazy, and many wouldn’t attend the classes. Although many of them started bunking the classes very early, I sometimes bunked some classes with my boyfriend. Now, if I think of bunking classes, then I wouldn’t even dare of it. Those were the worry-free days, and we didn’t think much of the future. This was the reason I was also not able to understand most of the topics. But the thing is besides this, I was able to score optimal marks due to the small handout known as the formula book, and I would totally trust that.

Many of my Allen friends also used the formula book of Resonance because it contained most of the topics to the point, and it felt great. The formula book of Allen seemed to be somewhat cheap.

The coaching institutes in Kota provide a lot of material, and they offer many different materials. But besides all this, one thing that is common among these materials is the formula book. I have seen the formula books in every institute, and the sole reason behind this is that most of these institutes know this book is really important for the end-time preparation. You need to be totally ready for the final exam, and you need to prepare for it fully, and these books really help in that.

For me, the formula book of Resonance was a life savior, and I enjoyed having it. I had some doubts regarding this book at first as I thought this book would be able to help me much, but soon I realized that this book could really help me during the end-time preparation. I do regret not studying much during the initial months and distracting myself, but I don’t regret studying from this book for end-time preparation.

I recommend that the coaching institutes like Resonance give out the books like this initially.

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