best fashion designing colleges in India

Best Fashion Designing Colleges in India

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) which has 15 centres spread in various cities of India are Best fashion designing colleges in India. However, National Institute of Design, which have 7 centres are equally good design colleges are the Best fashion designing colleges in India. We will discuss in detail, whether the 7 NIDs or 15 NIFTs are Best fashion designing colleges in India. Other fashion designing colleges, such as Pearl institute of Design, World University of Design are not among the Best fashion designing colleges in India.

The first campus of NIFT was established at Gulmohar Park area of New Delhi in 1986 in collaboration with FIT, New York. NIFT Delhi is the top fashion designing colleges in India. The Campuses at Chennai, Gandhinagar, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai were set up in 1995 and that of Bengaluru in 1997. NIFT Mumbai was earlier set up at Dadar in Mumbai, but later they built their own campus in Navi Mumbai, which is the second best fashion designing colleges in India. Further in the year 2000 NIFT centres were opened Bhopal, Bhubneshwar, Jodhpur, Kangra, Kannur, Patna, Raebareli and Shillong. The Campus at Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir is the newly added node to NIFT’s network.

National Institute of fashion technology

NIFT was made a statutory institute in 2006 by an Act of the Indian Parliament with the President of India as ‘Visitor’ and has full fledged campuses at -16- centres as on date all across the country. This blog is written by a NIFT pass out of 1999. I just reviewed where my batchmets are in 2022. Well, the first comes to my eyes is department incharge of NIFT Navi Mumbai another is also dept. incharge at NIFT Bhopal. There are 7 students of my batch who are working with top design houses in USA, two are working in Banking industry, one of whom is investment banker at Singapore. Two batchmets who later on married with each other are at Singapore. One has shifted permanently to Australia and regularly posting her updates on facebook. Some of them are working in Banglore, one is the Head consultant at KSA Technopak looking after South East Asaian businesses. Last time I video called him, he was with Virat Kohli taking sip of beer discussing fashion.

B. Des (fashion design)

Have you ever thought how to design fashionable collar necks designs for Kurtis or fashion design blouse? Making a fashion blouse or a new fashion blouse design is not meant to get done at your neighborhood tailor. Fashion designing course incorporates traditional rural craftwork by working with indigenous rural artisans via the cluster program. Students gain valuable insight into the broad spectrum that Indian fashion encompasses through internships at leading fashion houses/ manufacturing units to improve knowledge, learn about fashion design dress and overcome the practical challenges faced. This versatility is evident in the final year through the graduating fashion collections, conceptualized and constructed by the students at the Design Collection showcase. Now you can understand very clearly they can make the best fashion design blouse. After completing the course students work as design director, design advisor, design blogger etc. Almost all top clothing companies, fashion houses, buying houses and consultancy firm in India and abroad hire NIFT students.

National Institute of Design

National Institute of Design, which is in Paldi in Ahmedabad on the bank of river Sabarmati was set up long back and is internationally acclaimed as one of the finest educational and research institutions for Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT Integrated (Experiential) Design. It is a statutory institute under the DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. It has been recognised as an ‘Institution of National Importance’ by the Act of Parliament, by virtue of the National Institute of Design Act 2014. It is also recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

NID has three campuses located in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru. NID Ahmedabad Campus is situated in Ahmedabad city, in Gujarat State and it offers 8 Bachelor Degree Programmes and 7 Master Degree Programmes (2,5 years). Recently Ph.D Programme (5 years) has been introduced at NID Ahmedabad Campus. NID Gandhinagar Campus is situated in the city of Gandhinagar, in Gujarat State and it offers 7 masters programmes of 2.5 years. NID Bengaluru Campus is situated in the city of Bengaluru, in Karnataka State. Bengaluru Campus offers 5 masters programmes 

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