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Chai Tapri in Mumbai

It’s common to throng to Chai tapri in Mumbai.  A loaf of vada pav and cutting chai tarpri in Mumbai is enough to broach open a series of talk. The imagination of enjoying a hot cup of chai tapri in Mumbai with your partner, or hooking-up along the shore while watching the sun go down , or may be enjoying a couple of chai tapri in Mumbai shore while your date looks dead gorgeous, or elegantly downing some gulps of cutting tea with your date getting together after and hooking-up. Here I will tell you story of our college time fun at Chai Tapri Mumbai

Fun Time :  Top Colleges at Ville Parle, Mumbai

The lines between 2pm and 3am are some what blurry when you are in Mumbai. 

The top hotspots such as Churchgate where the Taj hotel stands in all it’s glory always have rush hours. But when you come towards Juhu, you begin the realise the true potential of the city bustling and city noise that starts ringing a bell in your head. 

why i love Mumbai

Right from being the hub of celebrity homes to the very famous Juhu beach.

Do you know what else is fame worthy? When you traverse across bustling roads you cross paths with vile-parle the hub of few of the top notch colleges. 

Why I love Mumbai

Under it’s household proudly stands, the best ranked colleges of not only Mumbai but also the whole of India. 

It has more than a dozen of colleges which are ranked by the senior most authorities. 

Beside this being the educational hub, it also serves as the most popular spot of hanging out. 

The food places and tapri’s are shops your will never see with last man standing. 

With students giving nicknames to them and renaming to establish the legacy. 

Most famous are Raghu Chai Tapri, near petrol pump and kaka tapri both are quite close to Juhu Beach. 


Why I love Mumbai

Right from the stories you hear in your college and through your friends, we all see it happen in front of our eyes. 

People crave some chai-sutta everytime anytime during the day. 

Right from the stories you hear in your college and through your friends, we all see it happen in front of our eyes. 

People crave some chai-sutta everytime anytime during the day. 


going to stop these legends. 

Oh no, it won’t. 

I remember my friends having code names and smuggling them stash right through the college gate under the guards nose. 


Why I love Mumbai

Right from calling it, sticks, chalk and what not. 

We heard and did it all. 

No matter what the authorities tried to do we always found out loop holes between the rules and satisfied our craving. 

You name the time of the day we would be ready to stand by and smoke it all out.

Chai Tapri in Mumbai are emotions

In between lectures, in between practicals, before lectures or after lectures we wanted it all and Ofcourse we did it all. 

Raghu tapri is not just a place it’s an Emotion for people who have visited it at some point or the other in their lives. 

When ever the tapri was closed, our lives felt as if it were incomplete and we were missing upon something. Not just the students the tapri is also very well famous amongst the teachers. 

Why Mumbai is just awesome

I remember the days when we used to bunk a  particular teacher’s lecture and very well that same teacher would spot us at the same tapri while they sipped on hot chai while we blew our lungs out. 

That awkward stare between the teachers and the students was crazy🤪. Every student who has been spotted by teacher at the tapri knows that feeling of “Been there, done that”. 


I remember one particular incident that was literally like the highlight of our second semester. 

It so happened that our friend circle which was 7-10 people give our take. 

Out of which 4-5 of us were daily smokers.

Due to the practical student’s distribution the four of us would have different timings for our practical’s. But there was one day in the week where all of us were put together in one batch for our practical. 

Naturally all of us were in high spirits and exploding with happy hormones as we knew this was going to be more exciting than the usual practicals.

Our professor walked to the head of the lab and announced that there was a blood donation drive that was being consulated in our college foyer. So they encouraged us to go down and contribute.


Why do you like living in Mumbai

Out of the 45 students in the lab, around 50% were already out and the class strength was already reduced by half. 

Me and my friends knew that we couldn’t donate blood as most of us had boozed during the day (well that story on day drinking is due for another time) and we were regular smokers and hence couldn’t donate blood anyways. 

Chai Tapri Fun

Tafri at Chai Tapri

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Chai tapri

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