spirituality vs religion

Difference between religion and spirituality

There is a subtle difference between religion and spirituality, but have profound meaning.

“Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience.” –Deepak Chopra

Above statement makes it crystal clear that there are difference between religion and spirituality. A common misconception is that people believe that religion and spirituality are one and the same. If we look past this misconception then we can come to the understanding that religion and spirituality are in deed two very different concepts. There are immense difference between religion and spirituality.

Following are a few stark differences between religion and spirituality :-

Religion dictates an ideology which you need to follow, it lays down a set of rules and limitations which you need to follow and you are punished you if you fail to abide by them. Spirituality on the other hand is more relaxed, it allows you to follow your heart and do things as you see fit. It sets you free without having to bow down to any authority figure. It is up to you how you want to honour the divine.

spirituality vs religion

Religion teaches you what is wrong, what to fear and the consequences if you do something wrong. Spirituality gives you the freedom to discover all of it by yourself. It helps you build a connection with your inner self and look for the truth as a whole. It allows you to believe in your own truth, one that you develop through your own perception.

In our world there are several religions and all of them have a different take on the truth. They dictate what the truth is and expect you to believe them blindly. Spirituality however sees the truth in all of the religions and unites it because there is just one truth. It focuses on the united divine message and not on the differences.

Just as explained in the point above. Religion separates itself from other religions whereas Spirituality unites them. Religion propagates differences, spirituality propagates unity.

spirituality vs religion

Religion makes you dependent, it asks you to be an active part of religious ceremonies and rituals without which one is not considered worthy. Spirituality makes one independent.

Religion punishes people, there are specific punishments laid out for people who do something against a religion, there is no such concept in spirituality. It propagates the theory of Karma, which means that what one sows, so shall he reap.

Religion lays down the path for you and expects you to follow it, spirituality on the other hand lets you create your own path with your own experiences and mistakes.

Religion lays down the path for you and expects you to follow it, spirituality on the other hand lets you create your own path with your own experiences and mistakes.

These are just few points that differentiate religion and spirituality on the surface level. To get a better understanding of the differences one needs to take their own road and find out.

Spirituality vs religion

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