How to earn money from my blog

Depends upon how hard you are working. Normally it takes five six months to earn money from blogs. There are ways.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetise your website. You just need to join the affiliate plan of any of the websites that fall under your niche, and this way, you can advertise their content using your content. After the reader clicks on your content, then you will also get some of 

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the money as commission and if the reader makes a purchase you a handsome amount of money. This was you could easily monetise your content, and you would be able to earn a handsome amount of money.

The Google Adsense

Google Adsense

The Google Adsense: This thing should be noted again that you cannot get Google Ads without any content. You can make use of extra space on your website and place the ads there. This won’t be using extra space, and you would easily create some of the lucrative ads on your website. The cool fact about Google Adsense is that you even get the money if anyone with a different IP address clicks on that ad. You might get even 0.5 USD to 5 USD for that click. If you manage to get enough traffic, then you would be able to make a lot of money in just a month.

Can I earn money from my blog: The ad space

The ad space another prominent way of monetising your website, which you can do even without content is the ad space. If your website has enough visitors and you are ready to sell the space on your website to different companies, then you can easily approach different companies for your ad space. The thing is the company’s need a website with a significant amount of visit

ad space

traffic for this. Once you have a good amount of traffic, you would get paid accordingly. This might be a onetime deal and then you can recurring payments. Many websites today use this technique to earn a good income. Many websites can arrange this for you, and there are websites like Buy Sell Ads which you can 

How to earn money from my blog – Donation

how can I earn money from my blog

Donations aren’t that bad if you are a website owner suffering from losses and want to have support so that the website can run smoothly, you should not hesitate to ask for donations on your website. Many big websites that do not advertise are often alive today based on donations. A website like Wikipedia openly asks for donations, and they get them. So if you are not ready to advertise, then you should ask for donations as without donations it is very hard for anyone to run a website. 

Creating lead will only benefit youBig organisations like to contact their consumers using leads, and this way, they also like to pay the leads. These businesses thrive on new leads and always want people and other organisations to inquire about their products and services. This way, you can easily 

Can I earn money from blog

generate an income by offering services to the companies’ consumers, hence making your website much more profitable. Lead generation is just connecting the dots, and they have proved it beneficial over time.

How much money we can earn from blog – Job Boards

how to earn money from blog

Job Boards will help youHave you visited a website where you might have noticed some of the jobs are enlisted? You might have wondered that if the site gets paid for this. The answer to this is yes as these websites do get paid for the job that they display. Although this income is not much more, it is good. You can easily rely on this work to keep your website up for a long time. You just have to dedicate a specific portion of your website to this poster, and you are ready to go. You just need to contact some of the advertisers out there, and then you get a good amount of money for your ad.

How you earn money from blogging – Audio and Video ads

Audio and Video ads also pay good you might have visited some of the websites, and there you might have seen some of the audio and video ads that are annoying. The fun fact for you that these annoying ads are really good revenue-generating. You can get a good amount of money if you enable these ads. Adsense doesn’t sponsor these ads, but many other agencies do so

can one earn money from blog

 you can reach them and apply for one of the ads. You need to be careful with this as many agents tend to advertise some adult ads too

Lazy Work

how to earn money from wordpress blogging

Another way of monetising your content without even doing a single task is simple copy-paste. You just need to copy other’s content and keep doing it for some time. As soon as you become eligible for monetisation, you would be able to see some ads on your website. These were some of how you can easily monetise your website, and some of these ways can easily help you monetise fast. You can even monetise without content if you follow some of the steps mentioned above. If you follow the steps that the monetising sites tell you, you would easily monetise your content in no time.

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