Why I love Mumbai

Mumbai City of Dreams

Mumbai city of Dreams! and we love Mumbai. Why we call Mumbai city of Dreams! and what to do in Mumbai? We give here proper reasoning for calling Mumbai city of Dream! and a list of all the best things to do in Mumbai and all your curiosity for what to do in Mumbai will come to end. Please find here a list of things to do in Mumbai.

Speed and MUMBAI go connected at the hip as everybody you meet here will be in a rush to arrive at some place or speeding up to meet somebody direly.

You may meet a kid who is running for his swimming class, a youngster scrambling for her dance class, an office-participant gasping however strolling quick to arrive at the workplace on schedule, a mother doing shopping for food at the most extreme speed conceivable to have the option to get the film with her companions or an older man conversing with his companion on the telephone in a rush. That is the reason in Bombay; individuals are known to be ‘Busy’ and ‘Continually surging.’

Among the well known pastries of Mumbai are Kulfi and Ice Gola.

Interestingly, spice is a food quality as well as the general air and feel of Mumbai. There is a hot thing about the food, individuals, the spots, and things in Mumbai which makes it a hot mixture of societies!

Mumbai is excellent to such an extent that individuals get struck by all the energy the city offers. Mumbai will cause you to want to accomplish something thing with your life and make a big deal about yourself. No big surprise it is called as the city of dreams; it is, definitely, where you can make your fantasies work out.

I love Mumbai

The city which gave me the solidarity to acquire my every day bread and butter, a city brimming with dreams for visionaries to work out as expected. Mumbai isn’t a spot – it is a mixture of dreams, aspirations, feelings and dream. 

Why is Mumbai so popular

It can thump you hard on the off chance that you are not readied or not regard and can likewise all the while sling you to the most elevated of classes in the event that you are inside it’s domains.

Why I love Mumbai

Something biggest about Mumbai I like is that regardless of what your identity is, or what you do, or what your past is, Mumbai will accept you with great enthusiasm, take you in and surprisingly let you act naturally.

Why I love Mumbai

Anyone can be a part of Bollywood or the Hindi TV industry in Mumbai, as a dancer, an extra or heck even an actor.

why i love Mumbai
Why I love Mumbai

Amazing work-life balance

You find that in Mumbai, people work hard and party harder. Whether you leave work at 6 pm or 11 pm, hop into a club in Bandra or Lower Parel and see how rewarding a good work-life balance can be

Why I love Mumbai

There is a locality for everybody and each locality has a predominant local area here; like Dadar has more Maharashtrian, Kandivali and Borivali have a lot of Gujratis living there, Marol and Andheri have a gigantic horde of Bori Muslims, South Bombay has every one of the Parsis and their sweet delights and in Mulund, you will get a great deal of Tamil-Brahmins to banter with.

The quantity of companions and ‘gatherings’ you’ll see here won’t ever cause you to feel alone or forlorn again. You’ll will make a ton of companions, which would likely last you a lifetime. Mumbai instructs you to be fearless, face challenges and unwind too when required. It challenges your discernment and shows you an alternate side of mankind as well

Why I love Mumbai
Linking Road Bandra


Believe it or not Mumbai city is safe for everyone in terms of living single or married. You can walk anywhere at any time 

Even When You Want To Enjoy Nightlife You Can Feel Secured Specially Females. Wherever You Go You Are Not Alone There Are People Doing Night Out Like You, There Are Police Patrolling Around. Mumbaikar Will Be Always There If You Need Any Kind Of Need. If You Get Into Trouble Mumbai Police Will Always Be There To Help You Out.


You can make the most of your opportunity in Mumbai, a feeling of opportunity of excessive endeavors to develop and get more cash-flow. Nobody asks you what are you doing, wearing, eating until it’s legitimate. Nobody upsets your space and opportunity. Couples are the most undisturbed ones. The city is enchanted you will detest portions of it yet love it completely.

Why I love Mumbai

Local travel

Neighborhood travel in Mumbai is extremely modest. Nearby trains, albeit neighborhood train, pushing and spouting, perspiring however associate all aspects of Mumbai to one another. 

Why Mumbai is just awesome

In the beginning, it’s troublesome however individuals around you will assist you with comprehension and once you become accustomed to it, then nearby travel life becomes the simplest errand. Nearby trains are not by any means the only one alternative, you can appreciate Auto, Bus, Metro, Cab, and so on Having or purchasing your own wagon(car or bicycle) gets pointless since you can travel quicker and less expensive utilizing nearby vehicle.

Need peace, turn towards the sea,

Juhu beach which is also known as the celebrity beach of Mumbai has a big list of activities that can be done during the early morning.

There are a lot of interesting rides over there that every generation enjoys {from kid to grandfathers }. Juhu beach offers the rides like horse rides, rickshaw rides and camel rides.


You can also enjoy the funny and entertaining monkey shows over there. It’s quite fun. Everyone enjoys it.


I love Mumbai

The slow-moving traffic, amount of population it has got, beggars that are thriving at every corner of the street, rickshawalas and taxiwalas who always say ‘no’ to take every passenger, dirty beaches and terrible, terrible traffic; it takes an hour (minimum) to reach anywhere, even if the place is just 20 minutes away. The list of complaints is long. But the list of all the goodness that Mumbai has to offer is incredible.

It is because Mumbai is so exceptional that people get struck by all the energy the city has got to offer. Mumbai will make you feel like doing something thing with your life and make something of yourself. No wonder it is called as the city of dreams; it is, by all means, a place where you can make your dreams come true.

the city of dreams!

Mumbai is the city of dreams! You might have heard this before. But you only start to realise this when you hit the the town right where it’s heart beats. 

Mumbai as they call it, the city that never sleeps. 

The lines between 2pm and 3am are some what blurry when you are in Mumbai. 

The top hotspots such as Churchgate where the Taj hotel stands in all it’s glory. 

When you come towards Juhu, you begin the realise the true potential of the city bustling and city noise that starts ringing a bell in your head. 

Right from being the hub of celebrity homes to the very famous Juhu beach.

Do you know what else is fame worthy? When you traverse across bustling roads you cross paths with vile-parle the hub of few of the top notch colleges. 

The very famous family, shri vile parle kelvani mandal , the SVKM. 

Under it’s household proudly stands, the best ranked colleges of not only Mumbai but also the whole of India. 

It has more than a dozen of colleges which are ranked by the senior most authorities. 

Beside this being the educational hub, it also serves as the most popular spot of hanging out. 

The food places and tapri’s are shops your will never see with last man standing. 

With students giving nicknames to them and renaming to establish the legacy. 

Most famous are Raghu , petrol pump and kaka tapri. 

Right from the stories you hear in your college and through your friends, we all see it happen in front of our eyes. 

People crave some chai-sutta everytime anytime during the day. 

Do you think the rule of not being allowed to sell cigarettes with-in 100 meters of a college/school is going to stop these legends. 

Oh no, it won’t. 

I remember my friends having code names and smuggling them stash right through the college gate under the guards nose. 

Right from calling it, sticks, chalk and what not. 

We heard and did it all. 

No matter what the authorities tried to do we always found out loop holes between the rules and satisfied our craving. 

You name the time of the day we would be ready to stand by and smoke it all out.

In between lectures, in between practicals, before lectures or after lectures we wanted it all and Ofcourse we did it all. 

Raghu tapri is not just a place it’s an Emotion for people who have visited it at some point or the other in their lives. 

When ever the tapri was closed, our lives felt as if it were incomplete and we were missing upon something. Not just the students the tapri is also very well famous amongst the teachers. 

I remember the days when we used to bunk a  particular teacher’s lecture and very well that same teacher would spot us at the same tapri while they sipped on hot chai while we blew our lungs out. 

That awkward stare between the teachers and the students was crazy🤪. Every student who has been spotted by teacher at the tapri knows that feeling of “Been there, done that”. 

I remember one particular incident that was literally like the highlight of our second semester. 

It so happened that our friend circle which was 7-10 people give our take. 

Out of which 4-5 of us were daily smokers.

Due to the practical student’s distribution the four of us would have different timings for our practical’s. But there was one day in the week where all of us were put together in one batch for our practical. 

Naturally all of us were in high spirits and exploding with happy hormones as we knew this was going to be more exciting than the usual practicals.

Our professor walked to the head of the lab and announced that there was a blood donation drive that was being consulated in our college foyer. So they encouraged us to go down and contribute.

Out of the 45 students in the lab, around 50% were already out and the class strength was already reduced by half. 

Me and my friends knew that we couldn’t donate blood as most of us had boozed during the day (well that story on day drinking is due for another time) and we were regular smokers and hence couldn’t donate blood anyways. 

But we weren’t going to let that stop us from hiding behind the curtains of good initiative and bunk the class to go and smoke. None of us were planning to sit and be the teacher’s pet. 

All of us from different tables across the huge lab just looked at each other and spoke via telepathy and just bounced the class and ran out. 

Still wearing our lab coats and id cards.

We walked out of the college to obviously go to Raghu tapri. 

But midway by the side walk all of a sudden we started getting somewhat of a familiar smell. 

Immediately upon looking at each other we cracked it that it was nothing other than the smell of smoke coming from the parked auto. 

One of the boys from our group bent in and looked inside and a local boy was smoking cigarette.

We immediately were so shocked and confused but then the thing that happened is probably the most common way in which the smokers usually gel up. He a complete stranger offered the joint to us that is imported cigarette. 

We took drags upon drags and the blowbacks from the smoke. Lord knows that inhale was so pure immediately the power kicked in and we were high and running towards the tapri. After which we each took chai and Ofcourse a sutta. Next to the tapri is a lane where we usually we would sit on bikes and just be living our best life. 

And then boom we all lock eyes with our teachers standing right in front of us. Guess what they all came down for a tea break at the same tapri where we were bunking their class in the name sake of donating blood. 

We all thought we are going to be punished. But luckily for us they didn’t tell us anything and we carried on. 

But then when we tried to sneak back into the class, the class was almost full back to it’s strength and we realised that each student came back with a donation certificate. 

When we were asked for it, all four of us came up with ridiculous reasons such as a fresh tattoo, underweight, overweight and one even ended up saying diabetes, oh lord the teachers knew it but then they were so kind they just laughed in our faces and told us we see you, atleast try to come up with better excuses while you stand at the tapri and the entire class bursted out in laughter.

Another famous spot in Juhu is Alfredo’s. This is shop cum doraemon’s pocket. 

Anything  that your must desire, you will find it at Ibrhahim’s shop.

Right from stash to hash. He has you covered. It is a very well running shop as it is also one of the only standee tapri with a posh feeling. Situated next to big and bustling clubs, right from pre-party smokes to in party supply is all done here. 

I particularly remember the time where i was a schoolie near by, everyday we would be instructed by the authorities to not even look that way and to put out heads down and just walk past the tapri. 

The tapri at any given time of the day would be bustling with college students, fashionable hot girls to handsome dudes on the hot two wheels. Next to the tapri is a chain of posh dining places. This tapri also caters to them. To add to the lovely sight of hot boys and girls, well suited businessmen in luxury cars would also stop by to stand and get a smoke before to head off to make money next. As young schoolies we all felt so eager to look at them, and would always stare at them and think about “oh my god they look so cool“  before quickly remembering to walk fast before the teachers caught us there and whooped our ass. And now fast forward to many years, our school friends most of us are in the college years now and yes most of us our regular smokers, stood there at the same tapri and smoked as like cool adults and spoke about school life while looking at our school. And Ofcourse the fun couldn’t stop there, right after budding our smokes we went straight and walked through the school gates where we were invited to be guests as the annual day proceeded. 

The teachers could smell us and we were literally feeling like the cool adults, that we always saw at Alfredo’s and now we became one of the same group.

Why I love Mumbai

Bandra is most often than not termed as the Queen of the Suburbs. Amidst the hustling-Bustling of the Elite, there is the very well reckoned Bandra Linking Road.

Why I love Mumbai

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