Do you solve all questions of Resonance daily?

When I came to Kota from my village, I was really nervous because we had very little knowledge about these coaching institutes. However, I had decided that I would go to the Resonance Kota, but I still wasn’t 100% sure. I thought that I might be making a mistake by not looking over other options. But the fact is that as soon as I reached Kota, I realized that Resonance Kota is one of India’s biggest coaching institutes.

The building of Resonance Kota is one of Kota’s biggest buildings, and there are many other branches of this institute. I realized that the IIT JEE coaching business is much bigger than I anticipated. As we got admission in Resonance, I got acquainted with the fact that we have to solve Resonance’s daily problems for clearing the IIT JEE.

In each of the classes that I attended on my first day, I was instructed to solve daily problem questions daily, which was every teacher’s exact preach. So I got excited as I had the newbie stamina and energy; I decided to do questions each and every day. However, this dream of mine was soon to be shattered.

As soon as I got all my DP and sheets, I started doing all the questions daily as instructed by teachers. I was too excited to do those questions at the beginning that I used to complete them as fast as I reached my hostel, but these days were short-lived as soon I began to procrastinate and used to leave things on the future.

This was the biggest mistake of mine in the Kota, and no student in Kota should ever do this. I don’t know about all the students, but many students tend to solve these problems daily. Those are the students who score top marks in the class test, and I really envy them. So if you enrolled in the resonance, I would ask you if you did these problems daily.

To me, this type of concentration seems to be impossible because it is really hard for me to put daily some hours into solving mind-boggling questions. The questions can sometimes be so tricky that the entire class won’t solve them, which disturbs me. As time passed by and I fell in love with a guy, I realized that this wasn’t a cup of my tea.

We started spending more time with each other and just forgot about everything in the world. This made me a lot busy, and I got busy with him. His love was intoxicating for me. But I don’t blame him for the failure of not doing the daily problem of the resonance as it was totally my negligence.

Later I realized that those problems were really important for some like me who wanted to build a sharp mind and wanted to do more and more questions in the real exam. These problems help the aspirants in making the mind sharper and sharper each and every day.

I know this because during the initial months when I used to solve these questions daily, I scored really well in the exams and was also one of the top students in the class. This gave me a lot of confidence, and this also gave me an excuse for my negligence. I also realized that these daily problems help us in revising the content that we study each day.

This is the reason teachers specifically said, “Whatever you do, just don’t skip those daily problems.”

They knew that many students would miss those problems and keep them for later purposes. They have dealt with every kind of student and the kind of student who likes to stay with their romantic partner like me most of the time.

I see many students in my resonance who even try to solve those DPs and sheets in the class so that they don’t have to do any extra work when they get home or hostel. Many of these students also try to solve these DPs and sheets in the class so that they can solve the questions of many external books. They can flaunt the number of questions that they have solved later in front of teachers and us. I am fed up with this flaunting, seriously.

I think that these guys just want to make us jealous so that we can talk more to them and get to know them more. These attention seekers just irritate me and nothing more.

Well, let’s ignore them for now. The DPs and sheets of resonance are really good, and I think they cover most of the topics very deep. They have questions for each topic in the chapter, and they tend to prepare us well for one of the toughest competitive exams in the world.

Teachers of the Resonance also claim that you just need to solve the problems daily to clear the JEE exam and get into one of India’s prestigious colleges. To me, these claims sound to be just bragging, and I don’t think that is true anyhow. But I do think that solving the daily problems and the sheets daily is really helpful for the JEE exam.

I now think that I should have done those problems at least, and I think that every student who comes to Kota should give serious thought to it. We need to get serious about these sheets and DPs as these problems are there only to help us in every single way.

If my relative or friend wants to get into any of the IIT coaching institutes, I would advise them to solve the resonance problems daily. So my questions are still the same for you, do you solve all the questions daily of Resonance?